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T-Grid - Smart Grid Solution

Smart Grid

The Smart Grid concept delivers a new level of monitoring, analysis, control and communications capabilities to national electricity delivery systems. The results are maximizing system throughput while reducing energy consumption.

Smart Grid enables utilities to regulate electricity delivery as efficiently and economically as possible. It also allows homeowners and businesses to use electricity economically. Homeowners and businesses benefit from the choice and flexibility to manage their electricity usage while minimizing costs. 

T-GridTM, Telematics Wireless's high performance solution for Smart Grid adds these monitoring, control, and communication capabilities to electricity utilities, optimizing the operations of the entire electrical grid for consistent, measurable results.

Telematics Wireless's Smart Grid solution delivers: 

  • Full required functionality to facilitate communications between the various electricity components, including Smart Meters, utility control room management system and application units, such as electrical appliances and In-Home Display units
  • The integration of multi-disciplinary network infrastructure, hardware and software, assuring 2-way robust and secure communications
T-Grid AMI components includes :  
  • T-Grid MCU - Meter Communication Unit
  • T-Grid DCU - Data Concentration Unit
  • T-Grid HeadEnd - a single Communication server

Telematics Wireless is a recognized solution provider for Smart Grid Communication Networks, utilizing the communication technologies best suited for specific environment and conditions.

A rich and diversified line of products for the AMI market

Telematics Wireless offers a very rich and diversified line of products for the AMI market:

  • Interfacing with all types of utility meters (electric, gas and water)
  • All types of data collection methods, (point to multi – point, mesh networks and sub-metering)
  • All types of network hardware (repeaters, relays, data concentrators and gateways)
  • All relevant wireless communication technologies.
  • State-of-the-art power line communication (PLC) ICs and solutions.
  • Interfacing with public wide area networks (Cellular, WiMAX, WiFi, Ethernet)

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