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Telematics Wireless Secures $8M Contract To Provide SMART Vehicle And Asset Tracking Devices

Telematics Wireless Ltd, a subsidiary ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte., has been awarded a contract worth $8M and an option worth $2M by Ituran Location and Control Ltd to Provide SMART Vehicle and asset tracking devices (SMART) for the recovery of stolen vehicles and goods.

SMART is a miniature tracking device that can be easily installed on assets and is part of highly advanced terrestrial location and security system developed by the company, and presently serving more than 600,000 users in Europe and South America.

Equipped with a built-in battery, SMART is highly cost-effective and resistant to radio interference. The device employs advanced techniques to optimize battery life, which typically lasts five years, and proprietary algorithms to ensure highly accurate location readings in open areas as well as places obstructed by foliage or tall buildings.

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