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Street Lighting Control

Street lighting, one of the most essential services provided by municipal authorities, is a cost and management challenge. New technological advances can deliver up to 50% reductions in energy usage. Smart control, including proactive maintenance, can slash annual operating costs significantly.

T-LightTM - Telematics Wireless's solution for Smart Lighting enables utilities and maintenance companies to benefit from an improved level of cost-effective, reliable and timely service, by controlling and managing street light operations. It helps provide a safer, urban environment for people, and reduces carbon foot prints, contributing to environmental sustainability.

The T-Light family offers Smart Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems differentiated by their coverage, features, configurations, and prices.

This variety, flexibility, and modularity enable customers with a range of light control system requirements to identify solutions ranging from basic to premium.

The T-Light Family Includes:

·         T-Light Galaxy

·         T-Light Pro

·         T-Light Basic

These systems feature various configuration choices. They also offer seamless scalability as the customer’s needs change and expand. 

The Smart Street Lighting Controlling system  establishes a wireless network between all participating light poles and provides the operator with a web-accessed efficient, automatic or manual, control of the light pole's operation. The system may also applied to a smart lighting system, where the light poles already have, or can have, a wired connections.

The complete and reliable smart light solution features the following elements:
  • T-Light LCU, Light Control Unit, installed in the light pole, enabling the transmission of information, and the reception of control commands for the luminary’s LED / HID fixtures.
  • The information from and to the T-Light LCU is routed via the T-Light DCU, Data Communication Unit, and via the Internet, using GPRS/3G or Ethernet connections directly to the BackOffice application.
  • T-Light CMS, Control and Management System, is a web-enabled BackOffice application, accessible at any location in the world--simply by using a standard browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. 

Additional T-Light units can be added to the system:

  • T-Light Cabinet Controller: Wireless Cabinet Control unit for monitoring and controlling devices installed in the cabinet, such as energy meter, I/Os, door open sensor, and more(download PDF).
  • T-Light Add-ons: Wide range of optional features such as revenue grade energy meter; occupancy/motion sensor, and more. These add-ons enhance overall system capabilities. 


For more information on Smart Street Lighting control  please contact sales.tlight@tlmw.com



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