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Street Lighting Control
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How it Works

T-LightTM - Telematics Wireless's solution for Smart Lighting enables utilities and maintenance companies to benefit from an improved level of cost-effective, reliable and timely service, by controlling and managing street light operations.

The T-Light LCU Light Control Unit is installed in each light pole enabling the transmission of information, and the reception of control commands for the luminary’s LED/HID fixtures.

The information from and to the T-Light LCU is routed via the T-Light DCU Data Communication Unit, and via the Internet, using GPRS/3G or Ethernet connections directly to the Back Office application.

It T-Light Galaxy the single DCU Galaxy (Base Station) communicates directly with up to 50,000 LCUs, while each LCU can be configured to act also as a repeater for a single hop extension. In T-Light Pro the DCU Pro controls a cluster of up to 250 LCUs utilizing RF Mesh topology; multiple clusters are combined into a single network with wade area coverage. 

The T-Light MCS Monitoring and Control System is a web-based application, accessible at any location in the world–simply by using a standard browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

T-Light Smart Street Lighting Control System Diagram


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