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T-Light Systems
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T-Light Systems

The T-Light Family Includes: 

T-Light Galaxy

  • Recommended for controlling and monitoring of multiple luminaire clusters, each with up to 50,000 luminaires.
  • Ideal for utilities and municipalities and wide area deployments
  • Uses powerful ruggedized DCU-Galaxy (Base Station) which directly controls up to 50,000 luminaires utilizing star topology.
  • Average coverage range per DCU Galaxy is 10 miles radius (>300 sq miles) and can be extended by lamp pole repeaters.
  • CMS software with fully-featured management and control functionality.
  • Operates on a licensed frequency channel pair in 450-470MHz band as per FCC Part 90 regulations.


T-Light Pro

  • Recommended for controlling and monitoring of wide area deployment, covered by multiple luminaire clusters, each with up to 250 luminaires.
  • Ideal for both wide and local area deployments: towns, small campuses, business and residential complexes etc.
  • CMS Software with fully-featured management and control functionality.
  • Uses powerful, ruggedized DCU-Pros, which are installed in outdoor sheltered installations (e.g. in a streetlight cabinet or on a lamp pole) and controls a cluster of luminaires utilizing robust RF Mesh topology.
  • Secure web-based (cellular or wired) communications between the DCU-Pro and the CMS 


T-Light Basic

  • Recommended for a variety of properties, such as parking lots, dealerships, gas stations, campuses and more.
  • Controls and monitors up to 250 light poles.
  • Recommended with CMS-Basic (Optional CMS-Pro, a powerful cloud-based server application).
  • Controlled by DCU-Basic, a fully-featured DCU installed indoors, which connects to the organization’s internal LAN.
  • Simple operation and control via internet browsers from any computer in the organization’s network.
  • Uses an unlicensed frequency and RF mesh topology for exceptionally robust wireless communications between the LCUs and the DCU.
  •  No recurring communication costs.


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