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Galaxy Wireless Water Resource Management System

Galaxy Water Resource Management System


Urban populations are growing rapidly. Residents and businesses are demanding the highest quality, reliable services. Environmental standards are becoming stricter.

In this reality, Water Resource Management is one the most critical services that must be supplied affordably, sustainably and with coverage of every aspect of the water cycle.

The Telematics Wireless Galaxy WRM-Water Resource Management solution addresses all these requirements. It covers fresh water, desalinated water, storm water and wastewater.

A two-way wireless network, Galaxy WRM has sensors ranging from water quality sensors, water flow meters, water pressure sensors, water level sensors and more.

Galaxy WRM is not dependent on a public communications infrastructure. It provides wide area coverage, utilizing a singe Base Station, which enables reliable two-way communications with tens of thousands of battery-operated sensors:

·       Pressure monitoring

·       Leakage detection

·       Sewage monitoring

·       Water quality monitoring

·       And more….

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