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Telematics Wireless Supports Council’s Energy Saving Initiative

Deployment of Telematics Wireless Mesh Streetlight Control System Helps Council Produce Significant Energy Savings


Holon, Israel – June 23th, 2015 - Telematics Wireless, a leader in wireless energy and resource management, has completed the first phase that deployed 1,000 Light Control Units (LCUs) of its T-Light Pro solution to control and monitor  streetlights for a mountainous Israeli city. RF mesh low power transmission technology was used to enable monitoring and data transmission over multiple hops across the challenging terrain. Following this success, the city has ordered an additional five hundred LCUs to cover the city’s decorative lights.

In pursuit of the city’s energy saving initiative of replacing its one thousand high pressure sodium (HPS) lights with cost-saving LED lights, the city was searching for further energy and cost-saving solutions. Telematics Wireless T-Light Pro solution offers control and monitoring functionality, including dimming capabilities, which can facilitate up to an additional 20% of energy savings.

 “This is another example of how our technology offers superior results, even across diverse, rugged terrains. At Telematics Wireless, we customise our solutions to meet our customers’ needs. In this instance, we fine-tuned our mesh technology to match the needs of the city’s mountainous topography,” said Eddy Kafry, Chief Executive Officer of Telematics Wireless.

 “We are thrilled with the city’s wireless control and monitoring system rollout. It will bring cost and energy savings well into the future, allowing us to invest the savings in other areas,” said Yossi Mayraz of Leditech, the council’s contractor.

T-Light™ is Telematics Wireless solution for Smart Lighting. It enables utilities and maintenance companies to benefit from improved cost-effectiveness, reliability and faster response rates, by effectively controlling and managing streetlight operations. It contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon footprint to provide a safer urban environment.

Unique to the T-Light™ solution is its ability to address complex environmental conditions by providing two complementary technologies:

  • T-Light Pro – a robust multi-hop RF Mesh network with self-configuring, self-healing capabilities, with non-line-of-sight links. It can provide local or wide area coverage.
  • T-Light Galaxy – a wide area network utilizing a single Base Station. It can directly monitor up to 50,000 luminaires within a 20 km radius

T-light™ systems offer seamless scalability with various configuration choices to meet the changing and expansion needs of the customers.

T-Light™ systems offer seamless scalability with various configuration choices to meet customers’ changing and expanding needs.


About Telematics Wireless

Telematics Wireless is a recognized global leader in the delivery of robust, reliable and advanced energy and water resource management systems based on RF wireless networks. With almost 20 years of experience in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies, our solutions support a wide spectrum of smart city applications, increasing their efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Telematics Wireless has delivered and installed over 12 million cutting-edge wireless devices and water systems for Automatic Meter Readings (AMR), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), energy resource management, smart grid, street and outdoor lighting control systems, location-based services, asset tracking and monitoring, and electronic toll collection.

Media Contact: Leora Borgenicht

Marketing Communication Manager

Telematics Wireless


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