Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) / Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Telematics has adapted its wireless technology to different segments of the wireless sensors markets, creating optimal radio networks for each application and establishing a leading edge in each of these market segments.

Our ultra low power, small size, high performance and low cost end units are especially suitable for integration within (“under the glass”) of many types of water, electric and gas utility meters. These features have been the basis for the very successful "Dialog 3G" product line by MasterMeter – a leading US AMR supplier

You are invited to learn about the Galaxy WRM Water Resource Management System. 

Our offering

Telematics offers a wide range of end units and one/two way data collection networks for the AMR, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and
Smart Grid markets, using mesh networks or fixed area networks.

  • All Types of end units – Electricity, Water and Gas
  • All types of data collection / market segments
    • Walk by / Drive by
    • Sub metering
    • Fixed / Mesh networks
  • All types of relevant communication technologies
    • FSK digital modulation
    • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
    • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
  • A full line of network hardware
    • Network data readers
    • Solar powered network repeaters
    • Battery operated, low cost repeaters

Our Competitive Advantages

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
    • Superior performance in all network configurations
    • Configurable networks
  • “Radio Inside” technology
    • Reduced cost for the integrated solution
    • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • “Gateway inside” concept
    • Fusion of all three utilities readings
    • In-home network connectivity

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