The T-Light Galaxy Base Station is a gateway installed inside a building and connected to the high antenna for wide area coverage.

Backhaul communication between the Base Station and Control and Management System (CMS) platform is based on Ethernet/Fiber. Wireless APN is utilized as a backup backhaul communication infrastructure in case of Fiber network failure.

The T-Light Galaxy Base Station is the system which enables communication between the CMS and all of the control points. Due to the robustness and radio performance of the T-Light Galaxy system, usually only one installation site is required to cover an entire mid-size city. One such gateway can control and monitor up to 50,000 control points.


  • Serves up to 50,000 control points (depending on the system load requirements)
  • 10 km urban and up to 30 km rural coverage area (depending on terrain)
  • Local Network Management Server (NMS) and simplified local CMS provide wireless network and lighting network snapshots on site
  • Stores 1+ years of back data for all nodes for disaster recovery
  • Maintains network snapshot for easy recovery from power failure
  • Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) communication with the nodes/LCUs
  • Can feed data directly into multiple CMS systems and 3rd party applications via API
  • Open HTTP Rest API for third party integration
  • Can gather data from multiple types of wireless nodes beyond street lights and feed that data into applicable CMS systems such as MDMS, Traffic monitoring systems billing systems, etc.
  • Over the air firmware upgrades