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City of Cleveland Adopts Street Light Control Network from ST Engineering Telematics Wireless

City-wide T-Light Galaxy Network communications canopy installed in just three business days

Austin, Texas, Sept. 23, 2019 – To better serve its nearly 400,000 residents, Cleveland, Ohio has adopted the T-Light Galaxy Network from ST Engineering Telematics Wireless to manage the city’s 61,000 streetlights. Cleveland Public Power, a city-owned utility, deployed the T-Light Galaxy communications infrastructure in just three business days, utilizing FCC licensed frequencies to ensure the system is both secure and reliable. The system provider, ST Engineering Telematics Wireless, is a leader in smart city wireless networks and applications.

“This digital transformation of our streetlights fulfils a key component of the Safe, Smart CLE Project launched earlier this year,” said Cleveland Public Power Commissioner Ivan Henderson. That Project combines the conversion of all streetlights in the City to LED with the ST Engineering Telematics Wireless networked lighting control system and 1,000 cameras that are operated by the Cleveland Police Department. “Not only does the Telematics Wireless system enable us to control and manage our streetlight operations far more efficiently and cost-effectively, it also provides Cleveland the backbone for more advanced, future-ready Smart City applications like the high definition images and our police department’s remote control of streetlights that can be dimmed or brightened throughout the City.”

Smart lighting controls can reduce annual operating costs by as much as 20 percent in addition to the anticipated 50 percent cost-savings from converting to LED. In the Cleveland installation, the T-Light Galaxy platform functions as a wide area communications network. The end-to-end solution provides a web-accessed application software, BrightCity™, with 61,000 individual networked lighting controllers for each streetlight’s operation. The system will enable Cleveland to set different light intensity for residential, commercial and industrial locations, pre-program schedules for routine and real-time management of special conditions, and proactively manage maintenance support.

“Cleveland’s adoption and installation of the T-Light Galaxy streetlight control system is ultimately part of a bold statement from one of the country’s premier smart cities,” said Amir Hirsch, Business Development, ST Engineering Telematics Wireless. “It demonstrates a genuine commitment to visionary leadership, service, sustainability and cost containment for all the city’s citizens.”

For the Cleveland project, ST Engineering Telematics Wireless installed three gateways to cover the entire city’s network of streetlights, and a fourth gateway is planned for city-wide redundant coverage. The city plans to test other smart devices that run on Telematics Wireless’ Galaxy Network in the near future.

ST Engineering Telematics Wireless will be exhibiting at the Street and Area Lighting Conference (SALC) 2019 from September 22-25, 2019 in San Diego, California. To learn more about the Cleveland project, and speak with ST Engineering Telematics Wireless executives and the Cleveland Public Power Commissioner, please send your availability to

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