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Pro Networks

The T-Light Pro is a comprehensive Street Light Control and Management system, utilising self-configuring and self–healing RF Mesh technology. The The T-Light Pro operates on the unlicensed frequency in 868 MHz and 915 MHz bands. Up to 1,000 RF nodes (LCUs – Light Control Units) maintain communication with a single Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)/Gateway that in turn communicates with the central server via cellular Internet connection.

The RF Mesh topology is the optimal topology in utilisation of unlicensed frequency band for wide area coverage, especially in urban areas. With multi-hop communication, highly reliable links are ensured at every short-range hop to overcome any interference, blockage or non-line-of-site condition. Coverage in various topographical and/or urban conditions is ensured utilising short links where information flows to and from the neighboring luminaires in any direction, even around the corners and through foliage. Due to the self-configuring and self-healing feature of RF Mesh topology, best available neighbors for reliable communication and alternative routing for every weak link are chosen automatically.

  • Network Architecture T-light system utilises a wireless MESH network topology which operates in 868 MHz and 915 MHz frequency bands allocated for unlicensed operation. The MESH network includes individual Light Control Units (LCU) which are installed inside the luminaire. LCUs maintains two way communications with the Data Concentration Unit (DCU). DCU provides the connectivity to the Backend system. One single DCU supports up to 1,000 LCUs comprising together an RF Mesh cluster.

The DCU manages the information traffic and commands for each member of the cluster. The DCU also stores all status information and energy consumption data of the luminaire and communicates with the management application. The DCU transmits all control commands to the individual luminaire or group of luminaires using RF MESH topology with each LCU serving as a relay for others as required by the specific site topology.

The system is designed to enable an uninterrupted operation in case of communication disruption causing system go off-line and even in the event of a total failure of the controllers (LCUs). Tri-phase fail-safe mechanism is implemented in the system.

Main features of the System are:

  • Provides a user friendly Graphic User Interface for easy monitoring and faults detection/reporting.
  • The ability to manage the power consumption of each device – pre-configurable switching ON/OFF and Dimming of group, site or each luminaire.
  • Remote adjustments to lighting levels – programmable or on-demand
  • Identification of individual lantern problems and failures and its location on the map
  • Control and identify LED On/Off status
  • Enables various schedules for selectable segments or individual luminaires.
  • Alarms and alert notification by SMS/Email.
  • Historical reports of failure and energy readings.
  • Highly secured with IP APN.