ST Engineering Telematics Wireless

T-Light Galaxy Base Station


The T-Light Galaxy Base Station is a gateway installed inside a building and connected to the high antenna for wide area coverage.

Backhaul communication between the Base Station and Control and Management System (CMS) platform is based on Ethernet/Fiber. Wireless APN is utilized as a backup backhaul communication infrastructure in case of Fiber network failure.

The T-Light Galaxy Base Station is the system which enables communication between the CMS and all of the control points. Due to the robustness and radio performance of the T-Light Galaxy system, usually only one installation site is required to cover an entire mid-size city. One such gateway can control and monitor up to 50,000 control points.


Serves up to 50,000 control points (depending on the system load requirements)
10 km urban and up to 30 km rural coverage area (depending on terrain)
Stores 1+ years of back data for all nodes for disaster recovery
Maintains network snapshot for easy recovery from power failure
Can feed data directly into multiple CMS systems and 3rd party applications via API
Open HTTP Rest API for third party integration
Can gather data from multiple types of wireless nodes beyond street lights and feed that data into applicable CMS systems such as MDMS, Traffic monitoring systems billing systems, etc.
Over the air firmware upgrades