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The Top 10 Attributes to Consider for Smart Street Lighting (Part 2)

The Top 10 Attributes to Consider for Smart Street Lighting (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 2)

In this blog, we consider an additional 5 key attributes, as

  • Security – Does the vendor
    ensure secure access and communications links?
  • Network robustness and
    communication reliability – Does the vendor provide the best and most reliable
    network and communication infrastructure for your lighting network and
    municipal topography? Does the solution provide local or wide area coverage? Is
    the network Internet of Things (IoT) ready?
  • Feature system set – Does
    the vendor offer options and features for self-healing functions, simple report
    generation, remote control of individual luminaire or groups of luminaires,
    pre-programmed scheduling options and more?
  • Future-proof – Are the
    solutions built on the latest lighting-control technologies? Will the vendor
    discuss ways to ensure the project will still be viable in five or 10 years?
    Can the system accommodate the integration of various IoT sensors, without
    modifying the wireless network?
  • Economically beneficial –
    Will the system pay for itself? And in what timeframe? Will residents notice?  
    • What percentage of energy
      use reduction is expected with the vendor’s solutions?
    • Does the vendor offer smart
      controls and proactive maintenance that can help reduce costs even further?
    • Is the system simple enough
      so that municipal workers responsible for lighting are freed up for other

To learn more about smart lighting solution options that may work for your municipality, visit our overview page here:

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