ST Engineering Telematics Wireless

Galaxy Cabinet Control


The T-Light Cabinet Controller is a wireless module which controls and monitors a Streetlight Distribution Cabinet. As part of the T-Light family of products developed and specifically designed to control and monitor outdoor lighting applications, the Cabinet Controller is a simple plug and play add on to ourT-Light Pro wireless mesh network and also our T-Light Galaxy wide area wireless network.

Adding a Cabinet Controller is a low cost way to manage, control, and collect data from any streetlight cabinet. The T-Light Cabinet Controller, interfaced with cabinet I/O controller via MODBUS, controls and monitors ON/OFF function of the power contactors of the luminaires in accordance with the remotely programmable schedule, monitors status of selectors, door indicator, presence sensor, photocell etc.

In addition cabinet controller collects detailed metering data from a cabinet Power Meter. In T-Light Galaxy the Cabinet Controller may work individually or in conjunction with other T-Light building blocks such as the LCU. In T-Light Pro the Cabinet Controller is a part of the RF Mesh network cluster together with LCUs and is installed at Distribution Cabinets that require monitoring and control.


  • Acts as node of T-Light Pro or T-Light Galaxy
  • MODBUS interface with external Cabinet Power Meter for delivery of accumulated Power, Voltage, Power Factor etc.
  • MODBUS Interface with external Cabinet I/O Controller for control and monitoring of contactors, selectors, presence detector, door indicator and more
  • Cabinet’s scheduling
  • Over the air firmware upgrade
  • Optional Cellular modem for direct interfacing with T-Light CMS
  • Optional GPS receiver
  • Optional NFC/RFID interface
  • In-cabinet or external antenna options